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Subject: RE: UKNM: Mis-redemption
From: Ben Metcalfe
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 21:02:50 GMT

As someone with expertese and experience of both EPOS systems and Internet
systems, I feel I can offer some light on this.

Officailly, mis-redemption is something that the store has to deal with. If
they accept your coupon agaist something else, that's their loss. Your
voucher will say 'Only to be redeemed against XYZ Product" after all. The
problem comes from the volume - it's not possible to check that the product
really was purchased. What usually happens is that store will just hand the
supplier the vourchers they have collected and the supplier will send them
the money/credit their account/etc... Becasue we are talking about large
volumes agaist usually small amounts, it really isn't worth the admin fuss
(consider a 10p voucher from a 1 product or 10 voucher from a 100 product
- it's only 10%). Also the supplier wants to keep the store happy, etc...

There are more details to this and I can go into ways to integrating coupons
into an EPOS system, but seeing as this isn't an EPOS/Coupon mailing list I
will end here. If you want to reply off-list feel free.


Ben Metcalfe : meatbenmetcalfe [dot] com

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Subject: UKNM: Mis-redemption

I'm grappling with a security issue involving online coupons being presented
at a checkout and ensuring that the coupon is redeemed against the correct
product (i.e. avoiding mis-redemption).

Someone mentioned that Microsoft is developing software to overcome this.
Anyone have any details?

I also recall some coverage recently on a tool that allows magazine readers
to scan? a magazine ad and receive a personalised incentive. Again, if
anyone can point me in the right direction on this, I'll shout you a


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