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Subject: RE: UKNM: foreign domain name registering
From: Ben Metcalfe
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 10:57:15 GMT

Call me ignorant, but if you want to register a foreign domain, they ask for
you to have a local office there and you don't - surely anyway you do get to
secure a domain will not be honest nor in good faith?

One of the reasons NIC's ask for a local office is so that users know they
are dealing with a company genuinely operating in that country (eg for legal
protection when buying goods). This seems to me a sensible and logical
strategy for registering a local domain. Your sidestepping this only goes
to undermine that concept.

Overall, if you seen not seen to be operating within the rules laid out by
the local NIC, surely this just discredits your website and ultimately your

Ben Metcalfe

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Subject: UKNM: foreign domain name registering


I am having problems registering a domain name in foreign countries - a
number of the foreign registrees are coming back to me saying that I don't
have a registered office/company with the same name as the domain.

Registering the .com and .co.uk was a breeze, but does anyone have a steer
on the more 'strict' countries such as Germany and France? Is there any
supplier/service company out there that specialises in this sort of thing.



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