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Subject: Re: UKNM: Linking to sites
From: Mark Bunting
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 16:02:33 GMT

at the risk of having my de-parapetted head shot

as I understand it (and I'm not a lawyer either)
there's a precedent in US law which enables people or
companies to stop other 'undesirable' people or
companies linking to their sites. Some far-right
outfit was prosecuted for it 2 or 3 years back. The
relevant legal device in that case might be claimed
association rather than TM infringement - sorry the
details are so hazy - will try to dig out more info if
anybody's really interested.

As somebody (possibly me) previously said:
- most times links will be gratefully received by
audience-hungry sites
- at the very least, you shouldn't get into any
trouble if you're not doing anything defamatory or
implying anything untrue
- but if in any doubt at all, it rarely hurts to ask

Jo, having said all this, I can't see what it's got to
do with the DPA, assuming they've got permission to
use their clients' identities in other marketing
materials. Tell your clients not to be so sappy -
unless they're lying about who they've worked for :-).


--- Steve Bowbrick <steveatwebmedia [dot] com> wrote:
> ...try to imagine a web in which you have to seek
> permission to link,
> either at some kind of low level machine-to-machine
> hand-shake kind
> of level or at a contractual level.
> A moment's thought will convince you it's not a web
> at all (it's
> probably Ted Nelson's Xanadu) and, had TBL made
> permission mandatory
> you'd have been making your living driving a mini
> cab or being
> secretary general of the UN (or whatever you were
> doing before all
> this fuss).
> Linking is fundamental - the very reason it all grew
> so fast. Any
> threat to linking, even 'deep' (also known as
> 'useful') linking, is a
> pretty big threat to the value of the web.
> s
> >Did they say which clause of the act it infringes?
> >Can't see how it could be without them infringing
> the act themselves.
> >
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> >> A corporate client has just told me not to link
> to any of their client
> >> sites, because it is infringing the Data
> Protection Act. Surely no-one
> >> would be so churlish to complain about having
> targeted traffic driven to
> >> them? We're not talking deep linking here -
> just a link to the front
> >page!
> >>
> >> Jo.
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