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From: Ross Sleight
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 14:39:00 +0100

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Thought the below was interesting - comments anyone?




The Dixons Stores Group today announced the launch of Freeserve, a free
Internet access service in a move that is expected to revolutionise the use
of the Web in the UK.

Up until now, Internet users have had to pay a subscription fee to their
Internet Service Provider (ISP), in addition to incurring phone charges
while they are connected.

With Freeserve, users get:

FREE unlimited internet access

FREE registration and subscription

FREE UK content including the latest news, sport, weather reports and other
information supplied by the Press Association

Full POP3 mailbox and unlimited FREE email addresses

5 MB of Web space - FREE

The leading search engine, Lycos, and Scoot search facilities

Nationwide local call rate access

Users can subscribe to the service via this web site - and from tomorrow
morning free CDs will be available from branches of Dixons, Currys, PC World
and The Link.

John Clare, Dixons Group Chief Executive, said: "Until now, it has not been
possible to provide Internet access to consumers without charging �10-15 a
month. We felt that fell short of the kind of compelling customer offer
Dixons is used to delivering. With the launch of Freeserve, those days are

"Freeserve users will not pay a penny for their Internet access other than
the call they make. Comparable services offering unlimited Internet access
typically charge around �12 a month in subscription fees. With the UK's
consumer on-line population estimated to be around 5% (or 1.16 million) of
UK households, signing up to Freeserve could save consumers over �165million
a year.

"There are thousands of households that would struggle to justify spending
�12 a month in addition to phone charges to access the Internet. With
Freeserve, far more people will be encouraged to try out the Internet, to
access the rich information and services available on the World Wide Web -
from education, news and current affairs, to entertainment, sports and
on-line games.

"Freeserve is not a 'Dixons' site but a generic 'portal' to the Internet.
The site has been designed to have everything the experienced Internet user

needs, including a selection of news, sport and entertainment content and
advanced search facilities provided by Lycos. Equally important, for those
new to the Internet, we provide an extensive on-line guide that helps users
to navigate their way around the World Wide Web. In the coming weeks and
months, we will be adding new content and features to the site to ensure
that it always stays fresh and exciting.

"Freeserve is backed by the best names in the Internet and information
services business. Energis, one of the UK's largest national telecoms
companies, and its recently acquired subsidiary, Planet Online, will supply
the network and connectivity. Energis already carries more than 40% of the
UK's Internet traffic and Planet Online hosts more than 15,000 web sites
including many of the most popular sites in the UK. The core content for the
site is provided by the Press Association, leaders in the provision of up to
the minute news and current affairs.

"Freeserve is clearly a winning proposition for the consumer. For Dixons, it
is a foothold in the on-line market. As a retailer, I know of no shops that
charge an entry fee. By removing monthly subscription charges we believe
that Freeserve will revolutionise the Internet service market and drive up
Internet use. Although sales of consumer products over the Internet are
currently very small, with increased use of the Internet we expect them to
grow. As they do we expect to be a leader in that market as we are on the
High Street."

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