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Subject: RE: UKNM: RIP Minitel
From: Peter Beech
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 18:15:27 +0100

Interesting point this... because in actuality the French are used to
paying for 'information' via Minitel, so, in theory they could be more
prepared to pay for content from the Web. However, the reality check is
much more likely to be that adoption of the Internet will be driven by
access to 'free' content, and certainly cheaper information than that
available through Minitel.

RIP Minitel as the French currently know it - maybe, but don't bank on
France Telecom to lay down and roll over without a fight. They have quite a
degree of control over Net access too and can determine pricing points etc.
However, I'm told by French pals, that those lucky enough to live in cabled
areas are already flocking to alternative service providers offering
unlimited access deals - so, France Telecom faces a battle on many fronts

>Yes, things are changing fast now in France and the fact that people are
>used to using Minitel will help the speed of penetration considerably not
>detract from it.

My experience in attempting to provide audiotex services in various
European countries (including France) is testament to Bradley's point here,
although I think that working with indigenous partners is usually
preferable to going it alone in all foreign adventures - just pick your
partners very carefully!

>The really interesting point from a UK/international perspective of course
>is how hard it is to break into the French market - it is very insular. This
>is not restricted to the Internet and many International companies have had
>to 'go into' France on partnership deals with French companies to be
>Business Development Director
>Foresight New Media
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>Subject: UKNM: RIP Minitel
>Dear list members,
>I have read some messages about the french Minutel.
>The real name of this France Telecom product is : Minitel :)
>It was an interesting marketing tool a few years ago.
>1 : Minitel machine is free
>2 : But conections are not, based on a minute fee : from 1,23 FF to 10 FF
>and more !

>3 : And the funny thing :
>Each content provider receives half of the money resulting from their
>connections. Yes that s true, everytime somebody is connecting to your
>server, you are earning money.
>4 : This is the reason why France is so slow to jump into the Internet. But
>it is changing faster and faster. French users are more than a million now.
>The biggest companies run their own WWW site.
>Greetings from France
>Philippe BLasco
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