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From: Steve Johnston
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 10:07:58 +0100

On 24/09/98, at 17:01, Nigell Boulton wrote:

>are you trying to get work from Dixons???

Oh puleeease, you should have read my post all the way to the end where my disclaimer sat. Anyway the IMRG is a membership organisation, we don't get work 'from' anyone.

Steve Johnston

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>From: Steve Johnston <steveatimrg [dot] org>
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>Date: 24 September 1998 16:54
>>Let's face it Dixons is on the whole a dreadful place to shop, and I rarely
>meet anybody who has a kind word to say about any of the Dixons Group stores
>(PCWorld, Currys, The Link & Dixons). But to the 'mass' market without whom
>our embryonic endeavours are futile in the long run, Dixons is their gateway
>(nay, portal) to the sexy and fast-growing world of high-powered consumer
>electronics. As such, Dixons have a profound influence and a move like this
>should be embraced by the 'new media' industry as being of enormous benefit.
>Dixons windows are full of 'Free internet access' posters. This is good
>>When you add to this the fact that somewhere within a terrifyingly
>'traditional' retail business, in which executives will routinely sell their
>Grannies for half a percent, a huge leap of faith in the future has been
>taken, and I would dearly love to see the internal justification for it.
>When big legacy businesses such as the Dixons Group make investment
>decisions the numbers are worked extremely hard, so what numbers are they
>working on here in which John Clare (CEO) and Stanley Kalms (Chairman) are
>confident of their exposure to risk and the likely return.
>>The IMRG spends a good deal of time with big brand retailers, and frankly
>it is depressing how limited the vision and understanding present is. So to
>see Dixons make a move like this is extremely good news. Retailers typically
>wait for their competition to move so that they have something to measure
>their own position against. Dixons' move will be very good for retailer
>attitudes towards the internet.
>>Of course there are many holes to pick in the detail, and we all love
>having someone to hate, but c'mon people, don't be so predictable.

>>(Incidentally Dixons are not currently a member of the IMRG and the above
>is not an attempt to impress them into becoming one. Frankly I would be
>dumbstruck if anyone from the Dixons Group subscribed.)
>>Steve Johnston
>>Director of Development
>>IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group)
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>>The IMRG is the best source of commercial
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Steve Johnston
Director of Development
IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group)

5 Dryden Street, Covent Garden,
London WC2E 9NW, UK
Tel: +44 (0)7000 46 46 74
Fax: +44 (0)7000 39 46 74
Personal No: +44 (0)7050 6050 33
E-mail: steveatimrg [dot] org
The IMRG is the best source of commercial
advantage for retail in the 4th channel

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