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Subject: UKNM: Banners ads, again
From: Robb Masters
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 12:50:09 +0100

(Silly bit first, then a serious issue. Please bear with me.)

A bit late for the discussion on good banner ads, I know, but
my current "favourite" has to be:


"Javis"? Who he? Top of the Pops obviously know their stuff.
I'd just assumed they'd miss spelt "Jarvis", but I guess
they're just more up to date with the music scene than I
thought, and are touting a brand new pop sensation that we
haven't heard of yet. Or maybe not. ;-)

Seriously, though. I did like that recent ad that emulated
a Mac error message with the line "An error has occurred...
in your life" (maybe it just seemed apt). Mind you, I never
clicked on it so I don't know who it was for...

This raised an issue for me, though. Looking at it *very*
simplistically, there are two possible benefits from banner
1) Click-throughs (i.e. site visits)
2) Product / brand awareness

Typical click-through rates seem to be about 2%. So the vast
majority of the audience for your banner ad just *see* it.
This viewing of (but not interacting with) an banner ad seems
(again very simplistically) most closely related to traditional
forms of advertising.

In order to create a sense of intrigue which should maximise
benefit 1, whoever created the "Mac error" ad seems to have
been happy to sacrifice all of benefit 2 (as no-one simply
viewing it would know who it was for).

I've obviously got no idea how many click-throughs they got,
but even if they doubled the typical click-through rate from
the typical 2% to 4%, that still 96% of viewers who the ad
was wasted on.

So my issue is how many "eyeballs" is a click-through worth?
In the example above, would an extra 2 click-throughs per 100
users (and remember I've just made up the 4% figure) be worth
the effective loss of 96 "eyeballs" (who would see the ad but
be able to infer nothing from it)?

And please, nobody say "42".


Robb Masters rmastersatredkite [dot] com
Project Manager
Red Kite New Media http://www.redkite.com/

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