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Subject: Re: UKNM: RE: http://www.conf.labour.org.uk/
From: Lee Rickler
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 12:50:10 +0100

At 18:34 24/09/98 +0100, you wrote:
>>Jeez !!! Who did this site.
>>Not one of yours Jeraint ... is it ??!!
>>I hope not coz it's awful.
>>(sue me for that statement if you want, but it's true)
>[In Jeraint's absence - he is at home preparing his tea and may not see
>this till tomorrow ...]
>Lee - do you need to ask? [don't answer that] .... it does have a link to
>Software Spectrum - although I'm not surprised you missed it with so much
>'happening' on the site. Hosted on BT, I think.
>It appears to win the prize for the world's narrowest frame[s] and 'Virtual
>Conference' links to http://www.lotus.com/ the sponsors, and is several
>times larger than the "new Labour, new Britain" branding ...
>It is worse than awful.
>Steve Bridger
>Senior Consultant, Voluntary Sector
>2-6 Kendall Place, London, W1H 3AH
>t: 0171 935 3800
>f: 0171 935 2252
>e: steveatolp [dot] co [dot] uk

Didn't mean ..."It's tosh it must be Jeraints" ... but meant "OLP did a
Labour site .. hope this aint theirs"


  Re: UKNM: RE: http://www.conf.labour.org, steve bridger

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