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Subject: Re: UKNM: Easy connections
From: Stefan Magdalinski
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 11:15:13 +0100

Ray Taylor wrote:
> Connect yourself to the net without telephone support?
> Well some people can do it, others (particularly those new to computers)
> can't.
> One of the biggest problems with traditional UK ISPs is that they expect
> users to know all about it and don't want to waste any of their precious
> time helping them out.

> Why do you think retailers like Tesco and Dixons are suddenly making all
> of the news lately? It's because retailers know what a customer is and
> are used to dealing with large numbers of them and don't turn them away
> because their IQs are less than 130.
> The sooner old-fashioned UK ISPs like Demon, UUNet, Compuserve and AO'ell bite the dust the better!

Hello? Have you *ever* bought anything from Dixons group? I agree that
freeserve is well-designed, well-executed, and a brilliant coup, but
Dixons are a terrible retailer with little incentive to get better
because they have an effective monopoly on the UK market in electrical

Apart from that, your argument is contradictory. As Danny observes, the
cunning thing about charging a quid a minute for tech support is that it
chokes off demand for the one ISP cost that has no economies of scale.
The primary thing Dixons are trying to do is *avoid* helping new users.

My fingers are crossed that online retail puts Dixons out of business,
or at least forces them to charge reasonable prices and provide much
better service.

You're lucky I didn't tell you my "trying to buy a CD-player story".

> Ray Taylor
> Chairman
> The UK net for normal people not just for nerds campaign

If I meet any, I'll tell them.

Stefan Magdalinski m 0370 67 70 58
stefanatisness [dot] org h 0171 580 0831
it's isness as usual... **/

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