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Subject: Re: FW: UKNM: How much is that website in the window?
From: Chris Locke
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 11:26:23 +0100

At 10:06 PM 9/28/98 +0100, you wrote:
>>Gifford wrote
>>I am currently doing some research on the UK web site market, specifically
>>how much is being spent in the UK on developing web sites. How wide a
>>subject? Tinted windows, low profile tyres, body kit and fluffy dice....
>>If anyone knows of any good sources of information please let me know - I'm
>>particularly looking to get an idea of the range of expenditure on on-line
>>shopping sites, contrasted with typical expenditure in the US.
>So let me get this right... We give you lots of stats, facts, lies and
>figures. 6 months later an all too brief summary report of the data lands
>in our in-trays, together with a voucher giving us #10 off the #995 (plus
>VAT) for the full report?
>Great! Sign me up for 4 copies.

I'll have ten.

I've got some uneven tables at home.

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  FW: UKNM: How much is that website in th, Fox Tucker

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