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Subject: Re: UKNM: How much is that website in the window?
From: Ray Taylor
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 11:26:34 +0100

Fox Tucker <ftatshocking [dot] co [dot] uk> said:

>>Gifford wrote
>>I am currently doing some research on the UK web site market, specifically
>>how much is being spent in the UK on developing web sites. How wide a
>>subject? Tinted windows, low profile tyres, body kit and fluffy dice....
>>If anyone knows of any good sources of information please let me know - I'm
>>particularly looking to get an idea of the range of expenditure on on-line
>>shopping sites, contrasted with typical expenditure in the US.
>So let me get this right... We give you lots of stats, facts, lies and
>figures. 6 months later an all too brief summary report of the data lands
>in our in-trays, together with a voucher giving us #10 off the #995 (plus
>VAT) for the full report?
>Great! Sign me up for 4 copies.

Humour aside, we all use market research, some of us pay for it while others
use the free promotional bits. That's fine, because the benefit of industry
market data goes to all.

The #995 pays for the huge amount of legwork involved. Whether the data is
actually worth this amount depends on the agency that does the research and
the methods they use. The quality of the data is a function of the
professional approach to its collection and analysis, not a function of the
size and public image of the agency doing the research.

Assuming the research is of sufficient quality, the data current and
relevant, the price ought to be in the high hundreds if not more, because of
course only a few people will actually buy it. Halve the price and you will
sell no more. Make it free and of course you will "sell" hundreds or more.

People in marketing ought to assist projects like this if they can, and
should not expect a free report in payment, since the people who contribute
to the report are often the targets to sell it to. Though in this case I
doubt that they are.

PS, do I get a free copy for posting this?

On the subject of research, the IAB (or whatever they call themselves in the
UK) promised some in-depth audited data on Web ad sales earlier this year.
Anyone seen the results of this yet?

Ray Taylor

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