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Subject: Re: UKNM: Search Engines
From: Graham Hansell - Sitelynx website promotion
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 16:41:19 +0100


Had a quick look at the site and can see at least 4 problems:

1. Frames - the old search engine killer! By the way you don't need the
repeated <title> tag in the <NOFRAME> text. That may actually get you
blocked as multiple <TITLE> tags is an old "spam" tactic.

2. Internal pages - Submit the internal pages not just the homepage. The
homepage hasn't a hope of enough content to compete.

3. Keywords - The Insurance market is so popular in the States that you are
up against stiff competition. You need to focus the keywords on to the UK
market by the looks of the client's offer.

4. Javascript - there is a lot of it in the internal content pages. Not
good for helping the se's get to the "meat" of the page. Either cut it down
or move it.

The two sites mentioned Search Engine Watch
(http://www.searchenginewatch.com/) and Search Engine Forums
(http://www.searchengineforums.com) are both very useful. However start
with SE Watch as you will get the basics covered off.

Be aware that SE Forum is full of conjecture and opinions - you can waste a
lot of time chasing every new idea to improve your placing.

Good luck

Graham Hansell
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  UKNM: Search Engines, Rudd Daren

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