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Subject: RE: UKNM: viral marketing
From: Jason Dale
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 15:12:59 +0100

The BOL book giveaway was good, but has anyone got any views
on the great �10 million Jungle one? No one we know actually
received either A Bug's Life or the Boyzone CD (chosen as first
choice) - but instead received a Jungle branded copy of one of two
software titles.

Now, ok it's free and Jungle have responded to peoples enquiries,
but a lot of punters (myself included) who with rabid intent on
getting their part of the big giveaway basically signed in at the time
the site officially opened (some managed before). So surely they
must have signed up before the stocks of the non-software freebies
went? Or did they....

The big question then is - where's the freebie A Bug's Life - and
who got it?

I guess the idea worked for Jungle as people did visit and are still
yacking about it - whether they shop there is another case entirely.


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