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Subject: RE: UKNM: browser compatibility - that old chestnut
From: Cait Hurley
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 11:49:29 +0100

hmmm - being an ex-Virgin-Net-er, I know that as a back-up policy for people
with weeny computers, certainly up until recently still shipped with Nav3.

...as a result, there are a sizeable bunch of UK Net users who are using
Nav3, and probably will be doing for quite a while. Not everyone wants to
spend money on a whacking great new PC when all they want to do is word
processing or read e-mail and do a bit of shopping - and I think everyone
knows someone in that position. My Mum still uses Windows 3.1. Sure as hell
she's going to be using a 3rd generation browser when she starts up. And if
no other ISP's offer her non-bloatwear browser options, she's going to have
to go with one that does.

Fact of life. Sites for the UK market need to have a V3 enabled version or
display insufferwble ignorance (and loss of potential revenue as a result),
as Ben has pointed out.

And as for text only versions... sheesh, don't get me started.....

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> Subject: UKNM: browser compatibility - that old chestnut
> Just a little rant, since Jungle reared it's head briefly in passing.
> Has anybody looked at jungle.com in a level 3 browser? In
> Netscape 3 it's a total mess, with
> misalignment on the frames, and a page full of code greeting
> the unwary visitor... frankly I find
> it incredible that a site as massively backed and much hyped
> as Jungle has fallen foul of an
> issue so basic that any back bedroom html jockey worth his
> salt knows to avoid/prepare
> for...
> rantette over
> Ben

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