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Subject: UKNM: just one last rant on... browser compatibility - that old chestnut
From: Ben Scott-Robinson
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 15:06:10 +0100

You're absolutely right, Stephan, but the question remains...


Why are there developers out there who are unaware of the most basic net issues (THE most
basic net issue)? It's not like they are hidden, every magazine or website (by no means just
useit) I have seen that has anything to do with web design/construction covers this (with the
exception of the Dynamic Duo type full-on build-your-own-OS-in-JavaScript type sites).
And we're not talking about a bedroom hero producing this site. (I presume, I can't find
developer details) I think it's either a good internal team or a reasonable prod house, judging
by a fairly clean design, niceish branding, and capable db/transerve stuff.

My biggest gripe on this is, the site they have isn't hard to convert - I'd say that the v3 version
could be virtually indistinguishable from the version they have now... In fact apart from the
text rollovers, totally indistinguishable, both for appearance and code (note ott use of
stylesheets to determine a very v3 font base). There's no serious DHTML, animation, layers,
worthy mouse events... NOTHING worth the v4 exclusivity, yet it's screwed in Netscrap 3.

I've been involved in substantially more technically involved sites usable in IE3 (spit)

This sort of thing is just sloppy... especially when that 16% (I've seen slightly higher figures
than that for average usage, running at a little over 20%) are all potential customers, who
won't come back if they have to scan a page of code before getting to the content...

Ahhhh, feel better now... After a week of trying to find a trick to align curves across frames in
NS3, seeing this boiled my blood... I'll go back into my darkened room now...


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