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Subject: Re: UKNM: just one last rant on... browser compatibility - that old chestnut
From: Greg Plumbly
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 02:19:30 +0100

> This sort of thing is just sloppy... especially when that 16% (I've seen
> slightly higher figures than that for average usage, running at a little over 20%) are all
> potential customers, who won't come back if they have to scan a page of code before getting to the
> content...
> Ahhhh, feel better now... After a week of trying to find a trick to align
> curves across frames in NS3, seeing this boiled my blood... I'll go back into my darkened room now...

Weren't the Heavens Gate mass suicide people web designers? ;)

Im surprised its as high as 20% even for ukcentric sites. Ive just picked up
figures from http://www.statmarket.com/SM?c=Browsers

MSIE 4.x 40.34%
MSIE 5.x 32.30%
Netscape 4.x 20.18%
MSIE 3.x 2.89%
Netscape 3.x 2.36%
WebTV 1.07%
Netscape 5.x 0.31%
MSIE 0.x 0.23%
MSIE 2.x 0.19%
Netscape 2.x 0.01%

I only have access to one ukcentric site log and Netscape 3 users account
for around 5%

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