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Subject: Re: UKNM: just one last rant on... browser compatibility - that old chestnut
From: Andy Theyers
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 12:49:35 +0100

At 16:06 20/09/99 +0100, Greg Plumbly wrote:
>Im surprised its as high as 20% even for ukcentric sites. Ive just picked up
>figures from http://www.statmarket.com/SM?c=Browsers
>MSIE 4.x 40.34%
>MSIE 5.x 32.30%
>Netscape 4.x 20.18%
>MSIE 3.x 2.89%
>Netscape 3.x 2.36%
>WebTV 1.07%
>Netscape 5.x 0.31%
>MSIE 0.x 0.23%
>MSIE 2.x 0.19%
>Netscape 2.x 0.01%
>I only have access to one ukcentric site log and Netscape 3 users account
>for around 5%

I've got access to the logs for over 80 NHS sites (not the most technologically advanced users, generally) and 3rd generation and below browsers only account for 13% of the users. Having said that I do also have a stalwart of Netscape 1.2 users (4 - the same 4 every month!).

Not very surprisingly IE 4 wins by a mile, with 48% of the users, followed by IE 5 with 22% and Netscape 4 with 17%.


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