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Subject: UKNM: egg.com is cool
From: Chetan Damani
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 18:28:33 +0100

I remember some time back some one on this list saying egg.com was cool.

All I want to say is I totally agree, they run a site much more complicated
than a normal E-commerce site or Auction site. And it works, all the time
(that I have been on it)

they say they can handle 2 million users.

They brought out 6 Online products within a year, their credit card service
was developed within 50 days.

For the past month I have been looking at how long sites stay up and why
they fail, and egg.com is the best I have seen so far.

I think their value of �6000 - �7000 per user is about right, considering
the amount they can make throughout the life time of a Banking user,
Mortgages, Life Insurance, Credit Card Spending, Loans etc etc etc...

All I can say is well done Prudential this is one of the best sites/uses of
the web/internet I have seen in a long time

Chetan Damani
Imano plc - Built for the Web
Tel: +44 1923 210631

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