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Subject: RE: UKNM: QXL customer service
From: Leslie Bunder
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 17:49:09 +0100

but when you get a good deal from QXL they are certainly wonderful and hard
to beat!

Thanks to QXL my wife and I have flown business class to Prague, Milan and
Nice for 100 each per ticket, compared to the normal rate of over 500 a
ticket! (of course we wouldn't fly business but even the business class fare
we paid was cheaper than economy!)

Also, bought a Ondigital box for my cousin for 50 which was half the going

So I've certainly had a great time with QXL and looking forward to some more
British Midland auctions...


Leslie Bunder, Content Partner Manager
Email: Leslie [dot] Bunderatentranet [dot] co [dot] uk
Tel: 07799 710831
Web: www.entranet.co.uk


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Subject: RE: UKNM: QXL customer service

Don't even get me started on QXL. Worst customer service I've ever
experience, online or offline, in a civilised country. They suck! I'm not
even going to go into details about how I've been treated, and how many
products I still haven't received, or how they conveniently "forgot" to
validate my guarantee on an electronics product, or about how they have at
least 6 times promised to phone me back and never did, and how they don't
respond to e-mails... All I can say to everybody who's willing to listen is:
steer clear of these guys because they're bad news. Now I understand why
online commerce has such a bad reputation and that most users still prefer
to conduct their dealings offline.


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