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Subject: RE: UKNM: Letsbuyit.com - On A Loser?
From: Ben Metcalfe
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 17:49:20 +0100

I think your point about buying up possible sound-alikes is a valid one.
However, .com domains are available for less than 30, .nets/.orgs for less
than 20 and .co.uk's for 5. Buying up domains which in the hands of
pranksters (or more importantly competition) would be detrimental to your
business is a sound, prudent and inexpensive exercise.

The extent to which you should go depends on the type of business you run,
but go as far as your budget will stretch. Many suffixes can be added to a
brand to form a new domain, but the ones I would feel concerned about if I
was www.funplay.com (an example toy company) would be:


(There are many others, some which may/may not be appropriate to your
business, like my* and *ltd).

My choice for the above is basically down to the fact that copyright laws
may not win you the rights to these domains. uk, online, net and
hyphenation are all generic and could be argued that they are not similar to
the original domain.

However, if a funplay was a toy company and someone registered
funplaytoys.com, I believe funplay would have grounds under
copyright/trademark as the domain contains their name and their type of
business. Therefore it would not be necessary for them to register this
domain as they could use the courts to win control.

To sum up - buy domains which you think would prove detrimental to your
business if owned by someone else, but are not similar enough to your
trademarks to enable you to pursue a legal-based challenge on them, should
they be registered.

Ben Metcalfe ::: Human Being
0208 225 8192

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From: Sarah Clelland [sarah [dot] clellandatsnowvalley [dot] com (mailto:sarah [dot] clellandatsnowvalley [dot] com)]
Sent: 22 September 2000 11:58
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Subject: UKNM: Letsbuyit.com - On A Loser?

I read somewhere yesterday that letsbuyit.com are buying up lots of
domain names such as letsbuyshit.com or letsbuyitsucks.com etc. etc.
to prevent some japester comandeering them.

Does this scream 'what a futile exercise' at anyone else, or is it just
me? Anyone who wants to wax lyrical about the less positive aspects of
letsbuyit.com's service will just think of a name that they haven't
bought. And it's ripe for the picking as well - letsdissit.com,
letsslagitoff.com (I could go on, but I won't.)

Is this sort of thing common practice? And if you're going to go on a
spending spree like this, surely you're better off finding out what
people mistakenly type in when they're searching for your site - like
lets-buy-it.com etc.?

Sarah Clelland
Snow Valley
020 7250 1056

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