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Subject: Re: UKNM: Qxl Customer Service
From: Ruth Stone
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 11:03:05 +0100

A good point janet

And one that has worked well for offline for a charity named Botton Village.

The direct marketing campaign - which won silver in the 1999 IDM Business
Performance Award simply asked charity supporters how often they would like
to be mailed with information and experienced a higer than average return on
investment and a well above standard number of repeat donations.

Their initial bulk mailing raised 10K and since installing the database and
contacting supporters on the basis they have individually stipulated raises
around 3.4mil per year. Not bad for a charity I suspect noone on this
cyber circular has heard of.

I am sure the e-marketing fraternity would benefit from this and other egs
from the offline world.

>From: janet hoy <jhoyatignite-mail [dot] co [dot] uk>
>Reply-To: uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com
>To: <uknmatchinwag [dot] com>
>Subject: UKNM: Qxl Customer Service
>Date: 22 Sep 2000 16:04:16 +0800
>Why can't any of these sites think of simply ASKING their customers how
>often they would like to receive information... and what on .... it's not
>like dynamic emails can't be created - you don't have to hit everyone on
>your database with every sales message you have ...every day.
>You can even give customers the chance to change their choice of what they
>want to read about via an email link to a self populated form off your
>database for amending. You can give them the option to time delay
>the next mail by month e.g. don't contact me again until... (Jan, Feb,
>etc.)... and (last but not least) why isn't such a big brand either
>outsourcing to a service which has an automated unsubscribe or getting that
>sorted in-house - it's just a link through to a contact/no contact flag on
>the database!.... I'm not technical, but I know it can be done...
>It seems that these guys are jumping from acquiring customers to "MAKE THAT
>SALE".... somebody needs to take them aside for a little chat about the
>gentle art of customer service and customer retention....
>As for Spam, from a customer perspective it it 'feels' like Spam then it's
>as good as ... from a brand marketer's perspective an online customer
>be cherished even more than an offline one... because if you give them a
>reason to bad mouth you it's not just half a dozen mates in the pub who
>get the message ... it could be the whole of the UKNM mail list!...

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