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Subject: UKNM: Re: Lotteries (was Mailing List Servers located overseas)
From: jason
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 13:02:11 +0100

On 26 Sep 00, at 7:35, Ben Thompson wrote:

>> I suppose the simpliest thing to say is to go to
http://www.lottalotto.co.uk , look at the demo and then come back
here and slag it off. (and yes I know the rest of the site is dire, I
write it in 30 minutes flat on the way to the office last Monday
morning, and as I did it what did you expect).

I'm not slagging off the concept, more so the prize on offer because
basically it's a no prize - I like the idea of being able to plug and
play into other sites and I'm all for competitions/lotteries etc. - what
concerns me is that will people become immune to these 1million
"giveaways" as they increase in number therefore negating what
you're trying to achieve and offer to the sites paying for your

Slightly related, but bare with me - take those annoying
scratchcards you get in the sunday papers - "oh look we've all won
a prize (usually an AA mini atlas) - it's going to take 20 minutes on
a premium rate line costing 50 to claim it". In other words a
pointless exercise where you don't win.

Also because the chances of people winning these lotteries is as
likely as the Queen Mum revealing herself to be Elvis - I kind of
think that users are aware of that and can feel a little cheated after
a while of trying these games?

Therefore if you can add to your game (e.g. where something
actually is on offer and people can realistically win it) then you're
more likely to stand out amongst the few games that already exist,
and no doubt the many more that will appear.

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  UKNM: Lotteries (was Mailing List Server, Ben Thompson

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