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Subject: Re: UKNM: Search Engines
From: Ray Taylor
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 15:16:48 +0100

<kwhittakeratstartingpost [dot] com> said:

> I have been noting your very well measured and intelligent replies to
> the " I hate banners " campaign for some little time now. In fact I have
> beeen so impressed by some of your arguments recently I very nearly laid
> some of the folding stuff to join in myself.

Damn! Another multimillion deal goes down the bog. Memo to self: "I must
stop disagreeing with the entire membership of UKNM if I ever want to join
the forhe'sajollygoodfellow.com list and getrich.com.

But please, fellow Chinwaggers, I have a confession to make.
kwhittakeratstartingpost [dot] com is absolutely right. And not only I am
responsible for All spam ever sent, for AltaVista screwing up big time, for
Adictive doing whatever it is that Mr Startingpost.com doesn't like, for the
high incidence of cot deaths among smoking households, for the petrol
crisis, and for William Hague's inability to find a policy for the next
general election not already owned either by Labour of the Libs.

Any other crimes against humanity you would like me and my friends in
banneradvertisingdiable.com to admit to, please let me know.

Ray Taylor

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  Re: UKNM: Search Engines, kwhittaker

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