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Subject: Re: UKNM: Acrobat/ PDF
From: Sam Carrington
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 15:16:42 +0100

Rendering to PDF is easy once Acrobat is installed - from whatever
package you use its as easy as printing. Choosing a suitable word
processor or DTP package for construction of the document is really
dependent on what the project demands. A brochure or promotion with full
colour, complex layout etc. would benefit from full DTP in Quark or
similar. A dissertation, or similar, with indexes, annotations,
footnotes etc. would be far better produced in M$ Word or such. Horses
for courses.
You could even produce the front plates in Quark, the body in Word, and
then combine them into one PDF document after rendering if you so
choose. If the source document is to be handed over to a 3rd party, or
edited later, you are better off choosing a package with broad support.
Without specifics (which I would not expect you to discuss on list) its
hard to define any solid option.

sam carrington // senior web developer // sensei.co.uk

aajgrayattalk21 [dot] com wrote:
> Wholy impressed with the current trend to attract visitors to a website
> an authorative book on a particular subject (ideavirus.com is best eg.), I
> need some advice regarding Acrobat and PDF files.
> I'm capable of writing the material but have no idea on the software side.
> >From my own research, Acrobat 4 seems to be essential. What in your
> is the best authoring software to use before converting into a PDF. Is
> sufficient or do I need Quark/ Illustrator or similar to facilitate later
> changes and achieve high quality end-product?
> Thanks
> 'Steve King'

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  UKNM: Acrobat/ PDF, aajgray

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