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Subject: RE: UKNM: Acrobat/ PDF
From: Richard Uttley
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 10:35:36 +0100


depends on how you want your publication to look and how much time you want
to put into it. Word is fine for producing fairly basic documents with
simple graphs and the odd image. After that I find it cumbersome and slow
and have difficulty in making it format text the way I want it. It may be
different for other users depending on their hardware configuration (I run
it on a 500mhz with 128 ram). So for more advanced layout and advanced
manipulation I would suggest either Pagemaker or QuarkXpress. Both are in
the higher price bracket (a few hundred quid) but are designed to make
document creation as easy and as flexible as possible. There are other
document production packages available for less money but I can't comment on
those as I haven't used them. Word and Pagemaker usually comes with an
Acrobat pdf writer (it appears as a phantom printer) to enable you to go
straight from document to pdf file.

Quality of the end result can be varied dependent on the settings you are
able to apply within Acrobat. If the pdf writer came as part of another
package ie Word or Pagemaker then the settings are limited. If you buy the
Acrobat package (Exchange, Distiller) you can modify font substitution,
compression etc.

To be fair though the biggest contribution you can make to the final quality
of the document is to plan your layout carefully for clarity and choose your
typefaces with legibility in mind, make sure you use an index and put
subheadings throughout to aid navigation ('cos it ain't just a web thing).


Richard M Uttley
Marketing Director
e-mail: richardatnetstep [dot] co [dot] uk
www: http://www.netstep.co.uk

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Subject: UKNM: Acrobat/ PDF

Wholy impressed with the current trend to attract visitors to a website with
an authorative book on a particular subject (ideavirus.com is best eg.), I
need some advice regarding Acrobat and PDF files.

I'm capable of writing the material but have no idea on the software side.
>From my own research, Acrobat 4 seems to be essential. What in your
is the best authoring software to use before converting into a PDF. Is Word
sufficient or do I need Quark/ Illustrator or similar to facilitate later
changes and achieve high quality end-product?


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