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Subject: Re: UKNM: Streaming - Advice please
From: Kim Thesiger
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 17:48:37 +0100

Hi Charlotte,

As other people have pointed out, Real certainly has a greater share of the
consumer market (one US analyst recently claimed that 80% of streaming sites
use Real) and in my experience is definitely more robust than Windows Media
on non-Windows platforms.

On the minus side, Real is expensive (if you want to offer simultaneous
access to significant numbers of users) whereas Windows Media is effectively
free so long as you use NT Server as your hosting platform. Quicktime
streaming server is completely free but doesn't work on Windows Servers yet.

Windows Media is also apparently more popular on Corporate intranets (which
should come as no surprise).

Unlike one of the previous replies to your message, I don't think it is
quite as simple as choosing the best tool for the job since (i) many people
don't use Windows Servers and others can't afford Real Servers and (ii)
being asked to download a 5 MB file before your viewing can start is a
significant disincentive to most home users with 56 or 28k modems (although
it clearly won't stop someone if your content is really that compelling.

The choice of which platform you should use therefore needs to include; who
your target audience are (consumers or corporates), which server platform
you use, what your budget is, how important cross-platform operability is
and how many simultaneous streams you need.

Hope this helps.

Kim Thesiger


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> From: "Charlotte E. Boyd" <charlotteati-way [dot] net [dot] uk>
> Subject: UKNM: Streaming - Advice please
> Can anyone give advice or Mystic Meg type predictions on RealPlayer versus
> Media Player please? We are an ISP with a new media wing and have skirted
> the decisions on what to offer for far to long now!
> As we see it, RealPlayer seems the safer option, but the associated costs
> set up are much higher than Media Player.
> Views anyone (on or offline)?
> Charlotte E Boyd
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> Via Net.Works Inc
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