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Subject: UKNM: Banner Ads (was Search Engines)
From: Chris Meachin
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 10:35:31 +0100

> Of course not! But what is your _opinion_ on the Agency.com / British
> Airways campaign? Was it a success? Did it achieve anything or
> did it suck?

As I said quite explicitly before, I have not been involved in any banner
campaigns at AGENCY.COM, and am therefore not prepared to second-guess their

> You expressed an opinion ("Banner advertising (though not
> necessarily *all*
> placement advertising) sucks and will go the way of the dodo") which I
> assumed was somehow based on experience or insight. Was it?

Yes, it is based on extensive experience (and insight, naturally), but if I
must quote you case studies to prove the point, then it shall remain
unproven. I'm afraid this argument (and indeed, convincing you) is not
important enough to me to warrant bad-mouthing past employers or clients on
a public list.

> what leads you to believe that banner advertising "sucks." I am sure you
> will enlighten me.

Banners <sigh> are dull, they're ugly, they're creatively restrictive,
they're ignored by most people, they significantly cheapen the look of most
host sites, they're relatively ineffective, they're stale, they're stagnant,
they're boring, they're irritating, they're intrusive, they will be (and
have been to some extent already) overtaken by better, prettier and more
effective forms of on-site, linked advertising.... oh, and they're just SO
Q4 '97 Daahling.

And then there's the issue of advertising as the default revenue source for
web businesses being challenged almost daily now by VCs and the like, but I
won't go there now <carefully replaces 'can of worms' back onto shelf>.

Please explain to me why I had to explain that. I mean, surely the onus
should be on the banner-lovers to justify the use of their dead art form at

The most sensible argument I've heard yet for their perpetuation is simply
that it keeps unimaginative production houses in business. But of course,
that wouldn't include anybody reading this ;o)

I am all ears (or eyes, or whatever). Show me the banner light!

Best wishes, C

Disclaimer: I don't mean it really.

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