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Subject: Re: UKNM: Banner Ads (was Search Engines)
From: Ray Taylor
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 17:18:34 +0100

From: Chris Meachin <cmeachinatagency [dot] com> said:

> As I said quite explicitly before, I have not been involved in any banner
> campaigns at AGENCY.COM, and am therefore not prepared to second-guess
> value.

I suppose when you work for a big glamour house like yours, the desks are so
far apart that you never get to talk to anyone. And it is cruel of me to try
to help you dig yourself in any further with your employers, so I will

Since you admittedly offer no example of a single banner campaign that has
or has not worked, we must be left with the view that you don't know what
you are talking about. And I am sure this list has had enough examples from
me of campaigns that have worked well.

So not being one to self-promote, I offer this evidence from a competitor:


I cannot verify the information given here, neither can Chris, but other
people who work for Agency.com believe that the online media plan (which I
recall made extensive use of banners) was effective, and generated $250,000
for a cost of $20,000. This is of course a boring, commerical result which
only bread-heads would be interested in.

Another competitor's case study, again air travel:


Not only did my good friends at I-level make pots of cash on this, they also
won a prestigious Media Week award. I look forward to them announcing the
same for client No 2 at some point.

If you want to know about banner campaigns that have NOT worked, there are
zillions of them. What do they all have in common? They do not use
super-duper agencies like agency.com, i-level nor reasonably competent ones
like eyeconomy.

If you want a banner campaign to crash and burn then do it yourself or use a
crummy agency like Chris's former employers (sorry, don't know who this is).
Worse still, get some Soho trad agency with a "digital division" to do it
for you.

There are many things that eyeconomy does not do well. But rather than slag
off those things and the people that do them, we tend to stick to the things
that we specialise in, and leave others to do what what they specialise in.

Ray Taylor's wicked brother

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