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From: Janet Hoy
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 11:15:02 +0100

Ooops, steady on Ben!

I think you need to get more advice on the recent Data Protection Act and
read the front cover of Precision Marketing "Amazon accused of data law
flout" - Amazon has been accused on transferring data of British customers
to US headquarters.... because European law prohibits passing personal data
to countries like the US, where there is no adequate data protection.

Basically it can be done but you need to flag it up and give people an
opt-out on transferring....

Then you need a contract to ensure that data is held over there in
accordance with our law (Chamber of Commerce terms will do).

Also, on email names ... that is 'under review', and bear in mind the Double
Click court case where a consumer sued because they had tied email data
capture up with direct marketing data to 'sell' that consumer's profile and
contact details. So, take care that you are all opted-in (or an 'opt-out'
tick box in the UK is acceptable) on your list selling as you can be in for
a hefty fine.

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