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Subject: RE: UKNM: Banner Ads (was Search Engines)
From: Deborah Bonello
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 14:55:41 +0100

I know this is a rather old strand now, but felt that I have to get my two
pence worth in.

I think only banner advertising done badly is poor advertising - as in any
other medium. The major problem with the bad rep it has got is that it HAS
been done badly - so it's all very well for everyone to point the finger and
say it's crap but it's because a large chunk of agencies, advertisers and
publisher's just ain't doing it right - and a lot of people in the new media
agency industry will agree with me on this.

banner advertising is by now means as crap and useless as some of the latest
TV branding campaigns which we have seen from the likes of Breathe.com
(pretty, but what the fuck?) and Smartgroups (haha, yeah I kiss you too but
what the hell are you banging on about?).

Why is it that 90 per cent of online ad revenue went through only ten web
sites last year according to PWC? - no, not because there are only ten sites
worth advertising on but because a lot of online planners simply can't be
arsed to a) educate themselves about the right way to plan online - I mean
the principals are pretty much the same - be in the right place at the right


b)to look around for niche, innovative sites and stop scatter-gunning the
likes of Lycos and Excite - isn't that just the same as buying a poster
campaign which is on your advertiser's ceo's way to work rather than
beecause of its target audience?

I don't think banner ads look pikey or ruin a site - to be honest seeing
some advertising on the site is a good sign that it is doing something right
and not about to go down the pan.

Come on then if you think you're hard enough.

Deborah Bonello
New Media Editor
174 Hammersmith Road,
W6 7JP
0208 267 4894

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