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Subject: UKNM: The party
From: Leigh Blue Caldwell
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 18:09:52 +0100

Hi all

Thanks to Sam, Anna, sponsors and all for a fun party. The last time
I was in Imperial College Union was in 1994 when I was studying there.
It was just after that I started Internation, and yet those days seem
more recent than the last UKNM party in 1998.

Things have changed lots in the last two years. People are less
idealistic, less British, and more attractive now. There was a lot
less selling tonight and a lot more getting drunk, chatting people up
and dancing. It was a young industry back then, but it isn't any

In 1998 there were a lot more people hanging around the edges of the
room just watching, and wondering who to talk to. Tonight I seemed to
be almost the only one! What's more, Sam was the only face I
recognised, though I saw plenty of familiar names. Last time I seemed
to know nearly everyone.

Most of us are relatively young, and yet between us we've helped build
an industry and watched it mature. That feels good.

I imagine that means the people who are here now are no longer the
ones who either liked the excitement of "the new new thing" or saw
easy money in it. Those who stuck around, and who stay with it in the
future, are those who believe in it, and like what they're doing here
for its own sake.

I enjoy being part of this culture, talking to people who understand
what we all do, and knowing that people are still striving for - and
achieving - the same things they believed in five years ago. It's
nice to share the same ironies - the casino and the monopoly money
were nice touches - and to have a yardstick to measure ourselves
against - just to remind ourselves that we're doing okay. It's nice
not to have to feel that we in the industry are the only "believers"
any more, and that we still have to sell the very idea of the Internet
to the outside world. It provides a lot of comfort - as well as
better job security.

Just having contributed to it all makes me happy. Thanks everyone for
giving me the chance to feel that way.


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