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Subject: Re: UKNM: Something for nothing
From: Silas Denyer
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 18:46:41 +0100

What _is_ interesting to see is how many sites people really do use very
often! Leslie can only name 5, and this is his line of business.

Some recent market research we carried out recently amongst city types
showed that whilst 97% of them had internet access and more than 40% of them
had done something transactional on the internet (such as purchasing
books/videos/groceries/etc.), significantly less than 10% could actually
name any site they visited regularly, let alone frequently!

I wonder if anyone has any more stats like this to throw into the melting


Silas Denyer

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Subject: RE: UKNM: Something for nothing

> when i was at Teletext we had a section on our Web site called "co.uk" I
> used to interview people and at the end of the feature also include what
> their fave sites were and why.
> Having a section like this is common ground, you're only issue is if
> has trademarked the name you are planning to use or if not trademark,
> under that name, then depending on how big your service will be, they
> send you a letter from one of their heavies...
> Other than that, good luck...maybe asking for their favourite 10 sites is
> pushing it a bit... I can probably name five essential sites I use on a
> to day basis...
> Leslie
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> Subject: UKNM: Something for nothing
> Hi All,
> We're in the process of developing some groovy new features for Zingin.com
> and are toying with the idea of adding a "bookmarks of the rich and
> type of thing where industry bods reveal their 10 favourite sites along
> a brief description of why each site is so goddamn special and, by was of
> introduction, a blatant plug for their own business.
> First of all, does anyone know if we're treading on anyone's toes with
> one?
> [Sam says: msg chopped]

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  RE: UKNM: Something for nothing, Leslie Bunder

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