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Subject: RE: UKNM: Something for nothing
From: Casper Moller
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 15:26:17 +0100


I really don't see any problems in doing this. All of the newspapers have
been doing stuff like that for years, whether it's movies, books, pet peeves
or Web sites.

Can't help you with the Attachments site, though.


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Subject: UKNM: Something for nothing

Hi All,

We're in the process of developing some groovy new features for Zingin.com
and are toying with the idea of adding a "bookmarks of the rich and famous"
type of thing where industry bods reveal their 10 favourite sites along with
a brief description of why each site is so goddamn special and, by was of an
introduction, a blatant plug for their own business.

First of all, does anyone know if we're treading on anyone's toes with this

I know Revolution and Fast Company (online) have similar features aimed at
industry types but are we actually ripping anyone off or is it a public
domain concept like interviews and guest editorials?

Secondly, if anyone fancies contributing then please let me know. Bear in
mind that our user base is made up of normal Joe Public net users so the 10
sites will need to be B2C.

Finally, on a completely unrelated subject, does anyone know who put
together the site for Attachments (BBC2)?




Paul Carr
Managing Editor

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