Game Changers: In conversation with Marcus Davey OBE (Creative Director, Roundhouse)

In conversation with Marcus Davey OBE (Creative Director, Roundhouse London), an evening of inspiration at Interchange.

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Date: 5 April 2016
Location: Interchange Triangle, 3rd Floor, UK

The Unlocking Programmatics Conference – Maximising Performance

In one compact day 19 programmatic innovators including; ASDA, O2, Tesco, HSBC, Papa John's, GSK, Skyscanner, Auto Trader, Cheapflights, Trainline and Pernod Ricard will present practical strategies to maximise performance, viewability, efficiency and reach for results-driven programmatic advertising.

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Date: 30 June 2016
Location: Museum of London Docklands, UK

Interactive Print Design

Join our FREE Interactive Print Design meet-up with Matyas, one of Academy Class' most experienced Adobe trainers.

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Date: 30 September 2015
Location: The Slug And Lettuce, UK

Experiential Showcase - Innovations in Healthcare Communications

Inition is hosting an experiential showcase with live demonstrations of the latest interactive immersive installations produced for healthcare and pharma sectors.

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Date: 24 September 2014
Location: Inition, UK

Steal A Creative's Idea Today

Inventing is no easy feat; we just have to watch an episode of Dragons Den to appreciate that. 
Remember some of the more, shall we say, interesting ideas?
Mike Carr who entered the den with an idea to solve all Expats driving nightmares. A single glove that you put on your right hand when you travel abroad to remind you to drive on the correct side of the road.
Yes, that’s right. A glove. And for this glove, he wanted £100,000. 
Then there was SuperkneeS. Essentially an ugly pair of rollerskates to strap to your knees to go from one kneeling job to another at high speeds. Erm what?  
But what if these ideas (or maybe some of the better but rejected ones) could be given a new lease of life as food for thought for others. 
Well they can. 
A new website, Ideas To Steal Today, offers just that, Created by Kalle Everland and Timo Klaarenbeek, the site encourages creatives to post their rejected work, with a short explanation and a visual. So all those creatives who poured blood, sweat and tears into their ideas, can now see it put to use. All of the ideas on the website are free to use as long as their new co-owners credit the person who originally posted it. 
There is a huge range of ideas on the site. There’s an App that connects to your Nike Fuel Band but rather than urge you to pick up the pace, it urges you to take it easy, relax and enjoy what’s out there more. 
A website that allows you to look busy for your boss using Excel/photoshop backgrounds while you can actually ‘be busy’ still reading your ebook. 
And even an app that lets you find your keys, with your phone. How has that one not taken off yet? 

Inventing is no easy feat; we just have to watch an episode of Dragons Den to appreciate that. 

Remember some of the more, shall we say, interesting ideas?

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Services in the City (Open Data) Design Jam

Services in the City (Open Data) Design Jam is a fully funded design jam and explore the potential of open data to enhance our city, by creating new services or helping improve existing services.

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Date: 3 June 2014
Location: The Work Foundation, UK

Looking to Set Up in NYC? Take the H.E.L.M

lower manhattan

The history of New York City is interwoven with the growth and development of Lower Manhattan. Here, merchants landed from abroad bringing with them wares to spur a new economy. Here, traders gathered beneath a cherry tree to swap goods – actions that would lead to the establishment of a stock market.

More recently, $30 billion in infrastructure investment has attracted a new type of merchant – one that harnesses intellectual capital and creative ingenuity – and has brought thousands of new residents and businesses to Lower Manhattan.

To encourage growth, Take the HELM is looking to award four $250,000 cash grants to the following types of companies:

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dd:LONDON - "The Launch" Presented by Digital DUMBO & Huge

You're invited to join Digital DUMBO & Huge on Oct. 17th as we celebrate the official launch of dd:LONDON, the newest community from Digital DUMBO, one of the fastest growing digital communities in the world, founded in Brooklyn in 2009.

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Date: 17 October 2012
Location: The Light Bar, UK

Trend Briefing: The Co-Commerce Revolution

The briefing explores the forces rewriting the rules of commerce in the 21st century, across three new global-facing trend areas.

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Date: 10 October 2012
Location: Kings Place, 90 York Way, N1 9AG, UK

2012 Census of the Creative Media Industries - Get Involved & Be Counted!


Creative Skillset are asking tens of thousands of companies to take part in an industry-wide Employment Census for the creative media industries. The census aims to help Creative Skillset make sure that the creative media industry has the information it needs to thrive in the global market.

By completing the census you will be directly influencing how Creative Skillset uses and levers funds to ensure we have a highly skilled, world class workforce.

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Campfire with Laura Jordan-Bambach, D&AD White Pencil and Peace One Day

Join us at 7pm, Thursday 21st June, at ditto’s studio: The Lighthouse, Canonbury Yard, 190 New North Road, N1 7BJ. RSVP: [email protected]

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Date: 21 June 2012
Location: The Lighthouse, UK

[Press Release] Top Creative and Digital Tech Leaders to Headline Digital Shoreditch Festival

Digital Shoreditch

Taking place from 21st May to 1st June 2012, the second annual Digital Shoreditch Festival celebrates the world-class expertise within East London’s vibrant digital community.

The festival promises to showcase the most talented companies and brightest individuals within the digital and creative technologies sectors bringing together some of the best local, national and international minds. Speakers will include Andrew Gilbert, Executive Vice President, European Innovation Development at Qualcomm and Simon Acland, venture capitalist and author of the acclaimed Angels, Dragons and Vultures.

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Thinking Digital Conference 2012

Thinking Digital; a 3 day event drawing exceptional talent from the worlds of tech, media, science & arts. We attract speakers from around the world to share their wisdom & experiences. Speakers in May include Alan Moore, Aimee di Marco, Tom Scott & Kevin Slavin. Guests take part in workshops & many social activities. Follow us @ThinkingDigital

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Date: 29 May 2012
Location: The Sage Gateshead, UK

SheSays and PixelGroup present BrainyHacks

Get your team of five together and sign up at PLEASE NOTE: Your team must have at LEAST two ladies in it in order to be able to enter. THE TICKET PRICE INCLUDES FOOD AND DRINKS - BARGAIN! And this event isn't just for the girls - everyone can come along

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Date: 7 December 2011
Location: The Phoenix, UK

Creative Showcase

In this Creative Showcase seminar of 2011, we will present the winners from April to July.

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Date: 14 September 2011
Location: IAB Offices, UK