David StillWell

Chinwag Psych Interview: David Stillwell “Be very transparent about what you predict"

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New technologies are helping interpret and analyze how we behave.

One such example is myPersonality, which has attracted nearly 7.5 million people since its launch in 2007.

Developed by David StillwellmyPersonality creates a profile from data on Facebook. It is now opening up to other academics and businesses who might benefit from adding questionnaires to the world’s most ubiquitous social network.

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Shout Out to the Second Wave of Psych Speakers

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Make up your Mind Brain.

Chinwag Psych (@ChinwagPsych) is coming to London on Thursday May 9th.

It is a conference and online publication covering psychology, neuroscience and machine learning for business and marketing.

We have some super special speakers to share with you Leigh Caldwell, William Higham, David Stillwell and Benjamin Ellis.

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