Legal Blindspot: 35% of Social Media Workers Don't Know The Law

Social Media and the Law - Immediate Future

In a new research 'Social media litigation: How prepared is your business?' nearly 35% of respondents, most of whom work professionally in social media have little or no knowledge of the law.

Perhaps the most glaring legal hole is confidential data. Whilst 76% of companies worry about their secrets slipping out through social media, only 61% aren't confident that their sensitive information is protected on social media platforms.

Immediate Future who published the research have published an infographic with the key findings.

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Social Media Fundamentals #1 – Social Media Governance

Dachis Group London is pleased to invite you to the first event in its series of monthly Social Media Fundamentals, intended to arm digital and HR practitioners with the latest insights and strategic steps to taking full advantage of social media within organisations. For our first meeting we will focus on social media governance.

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Date: 25 July 2012
Location: Dachis Group London, UK