Nik Gowing - BBC World News 24 Presenter: Skyful of Lies

'Skyful of lies' Nik Gowing Lecture

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Date: 7 December 2011
Location: London Metropolitan University, UK

News & Politics and the Adrian Mole Generation

ONA UK and New Deal of the Mind invite you to an evening exploring the Adrian Mole Generation - their political, social and cultural upbringing - and what it means for politics and journalism in the digital age.

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Date: 8 June 2010
Location: Microsoft, MSN, UK

ONA UK: Election Special

ONA UK invites you to an evening exploring the upcoming UK general election with three delectable guests: Terence Eden, Anthony Painter and Marcus Warren.

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Date: 13 April 2010
Location: Microsoft, MSN, UK

ONA UK: A view of journalism in China

This month at ONA UK we're thinking about Chinese journalism and what everyday work looks like when you're a Chinese journalist - the similarities and the differences.

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Date: 15 March 2010
Location: The Centre for Creative Collaboration, UK

WriteClub: open networking for writers and non-writers

Easy networking for writers and non-writers. Expand your network, meet your peers, find work and find people to work with.

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Date: 18 February 2010
Location: The Yorkshire Grey, UK

On the Media: Digital Election 2010

A panel discussion that will examine the impact that social media will have on the election in 2010. How will the broadcasters and newspapers use the web in this election?

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Date: 16 February 2010
Location: The Frontline Club, UK


We want news:rewired to be an event for working journalists, trainees, journalism students and academics to learn new multimedia, social media and online skills from those with first-hand experience.

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Date: 14 January 2010
Location: City University London, UK

Online News Association UK - December Meet-up

Channel 4 are kindly hosting this month's ONA meet-up on the topic: Crowd sourcing – how the web can harness public wisdom to help with investigative journalism. Presented by: Vicky Taylor, Commissioning Editor, New Media, News and Current Affairs, Channel 4

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Date: 8 December 2009
Location: Channel 4, UK

Amplified’s £1.40 Conference

The event will be a mixture of themed talks around the future of news and politics with plenty of opportunities to discuss and develop ideas – and as always we encourage you to document this as much as possible in whatever way works for you - audio, video, photos, tweets, live blogs...

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Date: 11 November 2009
Location: Thomson Reuters, UK

Northern Journalists Get a Career Boost

Flickr typewriter image You could be an experienced journo looking to update your skills, a poverty stricken graduate or just after a career change, there's a new training scheme going by the name of inFUZE, that will make things a whole lot easier for struggeling hacks and those looking to break into the industry.

InFUZE was developed in conjunction with  the BBC and the University of Central Lancashire's Meld team, will be launching on Wednesday 21st October and is set to improve the fortunes of journalists of all levels.

Included in the course are seminars, technical training and a 12 week placement at various news offices across the north of England. The course will provide 10 journalists in the region with up-to-the-minute skills across the spectrum of online, TV, radio and mobile.

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inFUZE Launch - Multi-Platform Training for Experienced Journalists

ProPublica’s Director of Distributed Reporting Amanda Michel will launch inFUZE on October 21st precisely because she knows a thing or two about multi-platform collaboration.

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Date: 21 October 2009
Location: Moet Bar (Selfridges & Co), UK

What Happens to Newspapers?

How can newspapers survive falling circulation figures and spiralling ad revenues? Has new media led to their destruction or can it help to reinvent and rejuvenate the format? So what's going to happen? Can newspapers continue much as they are, or is it time to let go and begin a movement to purely digital formats?

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Date: 28 October 2008
Location: Zigfrid Von Underbelly, UK

ONA 2008 Conference and Awards

The 2008 Online News Association Conference is the premier conference for those who work in, or have an interest in, online media and news. The Online Journalism Awards have become the top awards in online journalism.

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Date: 11 October 2008
Location: Capital Hilton, US

Writing for the Web (one day)

Writing for the web is a different skill to writing for print and other business publications, come along and find out the essential techniques and approaches you'll need to master.

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Date: 9 July 2008
Location: University of Westminster, UK