VRM + CRM 2010

The purpose is to get VRM and CRM developers and other interested parties (such as CRM customers) together to start building out the common ground between them.

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Date: 26 August 2010
Location: Harvard University Law School, US

VRM Hub evening

This month's speaker is Rebeccca Caroe who will be talking about a health application called Lifetime Health Diary.

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Date: 29 July 2010
Location: GfK NOP, UK

IAB Social Media Debate: Pick Your Battles

Social media has opened our eyes to the strengths - and weaknesses - of businesses. Thanks to the internet, bad news can spread like wildfire and, unless managed ethically, responsibly and immediately, can tarnish your reputation for good. Or can it?

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Date: 3 February 2010
Location: IAB UK, UK

VRM Hub Christmas Drinks

We are getting in early for the Christmas drinks rush and will meet on Monday 7th December in The Peer, a friendly pub in South Kensigton, near the King's Road.

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Date: 7 December 2009
Location: The Peer, UK