Connecting brands and consumers in the relationship age

30 Oct 2008 - 09:15 - 17:30


In this all-new course, you will discover a systematic and proven approach to building profitable and lasting relationships with new and existing customers. You’ll also get to work on a real brief with your fellow delegates as you put the new Relationship Age marketing skills you’ve learned into practice.

How to apply direct and digital marketing to create profitable and lasting relationships with your customers.

The ‘Transactional Age’ of direct marketing is history. We are now in the ‘Relationship Age’. Online media enables us to interact with more prospects and customers more directly and more economically. We can now take them on a journey that leads to greater value, satisfaction and loyalty. Relationship Marketing is the surest route to achieving the sales, ROI and competitive advantage we all seek. The challenge lies in creating effective connected online and offline contact strategies that will make Relationship Marketing a reality for our organisations.

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