Chinwag Live: Media Widgetised

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Wed 16 May, 2007 from 5:00pm - 7:30pm
The Slug & Lettuce (Downstairs)
80-82 Wardour Street
London, W1F 0TG, UK (Map)
Cost: £40 - early bird £20 until 11th May 2007


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How will the growth of widgets, aggregators and web-feeds effect the online media landscape?

When you can get all your favourite bits of the web delivered to a feed reader or a personalised homepage, bypassing the "destination website" setup, what are the implications for brands, marketing and digital media?

This seems to be where things are heading as media is delivered by RSS and content is "widgetised" - deportalized, snipped, aggregated and mashed up everywhere.

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widget week

Chinwag Live: Media Widgetised on 16th May is part of the inaugural Widget Week - the world's first co-ordinated cluster of events to focus on the widget phenomenon and explore its business, marketing and cross-platform potential. more info

More on Media Widgetised

Who is poised to benefit from these changes? Is it media incumbents and older portals like Yahoo, BBC and News International who are putting a stress on innovation and getting their content out there?

Or will the new content aggregators grab a bigger slice of the action from a public seeking convenience, immediacy and a deeper, more relevant media experience? Do newly launched brands and businesses even need a website? Are web services the new black?

In fact, isn't mobile the better platform for RSS feeds and widgetised content? Will mobile widgeteers steal a march on the web?

In turn, while widgetization* poses challenges to publishers, RSS offers huge opportunities to brands, media and marketers, the surface of which has barely been grazed.

How will widgetisation impact web media, will mobile clean up, and what can we learn from the pioneers of RSS delivery and marketing?

Join us at the fourth Chinwag Live evening on 16th May - where everybody's input counts - to lift the lid on what's happening and start making sense of the issues...

[*Ed – US spelling deliberate for SEO purposes, oh be quiet]


Mark Taylor - Head of Content, Eircom
Mark Taylor is Head of Content at Eircom, the Irish incumbent Telco, where he is developing a consumer 'portal 2.0' strategy. He is also the founder of Sleevenotez – a real-time aggregator for digital music. Prior to Eircom Mark worked as a Senior Technology Research Consultant at Orange, tracking disruptive innovation and emerging consumer behaviour.

George Berkowski - Head of Internet Strategy, BT Retail
In his role George is leading the 'BT Contact' online personal communication’s hub – a portal launching in May 2007. He has led the initiative to simplify and integrate BT’s consumer portal portfolio, delivered vast improvements in user experience and led the introduction of a pan-BT online advertising team. Prior to his role with BT, George served as the VP of Marketing and Business Development at MirCorp – a boutique marketing consultancy specializing in space tourism and extreme experiences. There George developed numerous campaigns for clients such as Sony, NBC Universal, MTV, Coca-Cola, RadioShack and Renault.

Fergus Burns - CEO & Founder, nooked
Fergus Burns is CEO and founder of nooked. nooked is a leading RSS marketing solution provider. In 2007 they will be launching a widget marketing service called feedtwist. Clients include ryanair, Superbreak, koodos and Budget rent-a-car. nooked was selected for the prestigious annual Red Herring Europe 100 list in 2007. Prior to starting nooked, Fergus worked for Microsoft in both Europe and the US. He is a computer science graduate of the University of Ulster.

Jonathan Gabbai - Solutions Manager, eBay
Jonathan has been working in Internet Marketing at eBay for one year driving tool and widget development. His most recent project was as technical lead on the Firefox Companion for eBay. Prior to eBay, he worked at Accenture and BAE Systems in technology research. Jonathan has an Engineering Doctorate in Complex Emergent Systems from the University of Manchester.

Kaj Häggman - Business Development Manager & Inventor, WidSets
Kaj ‘HeGe’ Häggman is one of the inventors of WidSets, and currently drives its business development and marketing efforts. WidSets was born out of the Nokia Emerging Business Unit and represents a first step in Nokia’s vision of mobilising the Internet. HeGe has many years experience creating new products and services at Nokia, as well as a technical background in both internet services and mobile. WidSets are mobile widgets that enable anyone to create, publish and share internet content on their mobile phones.

Chair: Steve Bowbrick
Steve is one of Britain's most experienced Internet managers and entrepreneurs. A fourteen year veteran of boom and bust, of web site design, online marketing, technology strategy, capital raising and people management. Steve is now Head of Digital at cheeky British brand King of Shaves.

Event Producer: Deirdre Molloy - Editor, Chinwag



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