Media Guardian: Radio Reborn

Event Info

Mon 28 Apr, 2008 at 2:20pm
CBI Conference Centre, Centre Point
103 New Oxford Street
London, WC1A 1DU, UK


A one-day conference tackling the key issues facing radio as it continues its digital evolution.

"Radio has entered headlong into the digital age, successfully fragmenting and diversifying content and business models across a range of new media and technologies. A new wave of listeners, investors and creative talent are being drawn in to an increasingly dynamic industry that has been forced to reassess its offering and position within a crowded multimedia mix.

But the online revolution has asked as many questions of the radio and audio industries as it has created opportunities. Brought to you by MediaGuardian, the inaugural Radio Reborn conference will tackle head-on the key challenges facing radio as it continues its digital evolution:

- How can radio continue to address external and internal pressures in order to grow audiences, influence and revenue streams?
- How must radio engage with new media platforms in order to refresh its appeal and capacity to generate market share in the multi-media mix?
- How are new media entities beginning to exploit audio content and does this pose a threat to radio's identity or an opportunity for reinvention?

These central questions and more will be debated by the leading minds in radio and the wider media world... Join us then for an invaluable day of inquest and insight into an industry at a pivotal point in its digital development."