Picnic '08

Event Info

Wed 24 - Fri 26 Sep, 2008 from 12:00am - 5:00pm
8-10 Haarlemmerweg
Amsterdam, NL


From 24 to 26 September 2008, thousands of creative minds from all over the world will come together in Amsterdam for the third PICNIC.

PICNIC is Amsterdam’s leading annual international event, highlighting creativity and innovation, particularly in media, entertainment and technology. PICNIC brings together and disseminates the ideas and knowledge of the world's best creators and innovators.

The PICNIC audience includes creatives, artists, scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, thinkers, lawyers, format developers, agencies, cross media content production creatives, advertisers, programmers, investor, writers, filmmakers, journalists, and technology-and service-providers from around the world.

PICNIC ’08 comprises a conference (PICNIC Conference), seminars with a strong focus (PICNIC Specials) and workshops (PICNIC Labs) and an international competition to identify the best green product or service, called the PICNIC Green Challenge and fuelled by the National Postcode Lottery.


Jyri EngEström - Co-Founder of Jaiku
Caterina Fake - Co-Founder of Flickr.com
Loïc Le Meur - Founder, CEO Seesmic
Clay Shirky - Author, ‘Here Comes Everybody’
Kara Swisher - Co-Executive Editor AllThingsDigital
Werner Vogels - Vice President & CTO Amazon
Matt Jones - Co-founder/Designer Dopplr.com
Jeff Jarvis - Media analyst, Blogger
Adam Greenfield - Critical futurist