Going Social

Event Info

Thu 22 Jan, 2009 at 12:00am
Old Broadcasting House
Leeds, UK
Cost: £220


A one day course for business owners.

This course explores strategies for using Social Media to extend and enhance your web presence and build your online reputation.

Social Media is being used by brands and organizations globally to engage in a more personal and authentic way with consumers. Some see it as a complimentary addition to a good SEO and SEM strategy, whereas some see it as the only natural way to interact with consumers online. One thing's for sure; if your web presence consists solely of your corporate website then you are missing out on a fabulous opportunity.  Successful Social Media strategies can help you radically extend your online reach and impact. They can help you to conduct low cost, and up to the minute market research, and they can help you build a community of passionate users.

This participatory course will cover:

The Basics
We'll look at the basics of Social Media, its origins and ethos, and define key principles in this new and emerging space.

Platforms and Services
We'll cover Blogs, to Social Networks, to Microblogging, to Media Sharing. We'll help you to understand why Facebook is so big, and why it could be a big deal for your business.

Participatory Media Etiquette
We'll look at what works and what doesn't; helping you to avoid pitfalls and build the confidence you need to go social.

Case Studies
We'll take a look at how other businesses are exploiting this opportunity.

Quick Start Guide
You'll get a quick start guide with handy hints and tips and we'll explore strategies for the businesses that attend.

Your tutor will be Social Media expert Katie Lips, Director of Kisky Netmedia an award winning Social Media and Social Mobile consultancy. Katie has helped many businesses and organisations to become ‘more social’. “It’s not just about using new tools but about seeing the web differently and finding your new place within it.”