MusicTank @ MidemNet on...Filesharing

Event Info

Sun 18 Jan, 2009 at 12:00am
Palais Des Festivals
Cannes, FR
Cost: See website


MusicTank is pleased to be active at MidemNet 2009, presenting both its Filesharing Report following its recent discussion strand, "Let's Sell Recorded Music!", AND the first post-Millennials conference road-mapping brainstorm update at which Terry McBride will discuss progress with James Yuill's manager, Amul Batra and others.

Please Note:  Entry to this event is for registered MidemNet conference delegates only.  Please use the link below to purchase a delegate pass and for event updates, timings and location details.

The Big Issue:

How Can The Music Industry and ISPs Work Together? Part II - The Debate

Auditorium A Level 3 - Palais Des Festivals

Part of this session will see MusicTank will present a summary of its recent discussion strand, "Let's Sell Recorded Music!" - a high level series looking at alternatives to illegal filesharing, during which it considered what consumers want, where technology is headed, plausible new models, and how new services might be licensed.

MusicTank members will be able to access this report ahead of its official launch in January '09 by logging-in to the Reports section of this website.  Further announcements will be made shortly.

This MidemNet session - The Big Issue Part 2 - gives attendees the chance to share their perspectives on how the music industry and the ISPs might work best with each other and debate directly with key industry experts including Feargal Sharkey (UK Music); Geoff Taylor (BPI); Peter Jenner (IMMF); Nicholas Lansman (ISPA), Gerd Leonhard (Media Futurist) and Kenth Muldin (STIM).