First Tuesday: Mapping Technology Goes Mass Market

Event Info

Tue 3 Feb, 2009 at 12:00am
Soho Hotel
London, UK
Cost: £35 (investor/tech company), £49 (service provider)


When Microsoft bought British Multimap about one year ago (with annual revenue of around £12 million) for an expected £25 million many say it marked the start of the location and mapping mass market revolution. What does the CEO of Multimap have to say about the future?

Today many of us wouldn’t dare to go visit an address for the first without a print-out from Google Maps, or a handheld device with maps that we can check for guidance if required. We check routes before driving, and holiday destinations before arriving.

We see location technology being used everywhere: Managing telecommunications, mitigating terrorist threats, and locating retail stores as well as finding the most efficient routes for supply chain management, dynamic weather analysis for storm modeling and reacting to the consumer demand to locally search for goods and services. Mapping technology is ubiquitous: in cars, on your mobile phone and on the web.

At this seminar we will focus exclusively on addressing enabling technologies and applications that earns the owners revenue and help organizations and consumers find their way today and in the future!

The past and the future, revenue models, iPhone applications, monetizing social network widgets, how location specific advertising will change the rules of the game and more!

Moderator: Julian March, Executive Producer, Sky News

Speakers include among others:

Jeff Kelisky, CEO, Multimap


Warren Vick, Founder & Exective, Europa Technologies
- Leading digital map data manufacturer suppling Google Earth and United Nations missions

Europa Technologies

Steve Sawyer, VP Business Development WW, Quova
- Provides Internet geolocation data


Dan Jelfs, Head of Operations EMEA, Skyhook Wireless
- Powers the iPhone's WiFi mapping technology

Skyhook Wireless

Sokratis Papafloratos, CEO & Co-Founder,
- Location technology applied

Andrea Mondelci, Founder, Seety

- Providing street level views