2nd Funding & Investment Summit for B2C Digital Business

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Wed 14 Oct, 2009 from 8:00am - 11:30am
London, SW1X 8PS, UK (Map)
Cost: £199.00 (£75 use discount code: garage)


We have teamed up with the best of European entrepreneurs, investors, analysts and CEO's for the Second Funding & Investment Summit on 14 October (pm) in London. The latest investment expert to join us is Natalie Tydeman of GMT Partners, who was instrumental in the £50m investment into Bigpoint, the market-leading German casual online games company.

There is an additional optional workshop in the morning of 14 October focused on building communities profitably at each step, lead by European expert Barry Hoffman (GamePoint & Ingress International). This is just an extra £79 + vat and we have only 20 places available. (See the detail of this at the official website).

You will be able to ask your questions and put forward your business issues - so please BOOK online today.

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using discount code garage to claim the 75% discount per head. More info here: http://www.fundingsummit.co.uk

The Michael Birch and Brent Hoberman fund: PROFounders Capital, joins other panellist leaders in investment; whilst Nick Parker (games industry analyst), David Bailey (CFO, Seven Arts Pictures) and Tony Pearce (CEO, Player X) join the industry leaders line-up of speakers for the 2nd Funding & Investment Summit on 14 October in London.

There's a great line-up of speakers, VCs and Angels - all looking for great investments .. and speakers from successful companies that have gone through rounds of funding and have successfully exited , plus up-to-date facts and figures from

  • Meet the leaders in one place at one time
  • Learn how to be successful
  • Understand the key markets and models that are attracting investment in the down market
  • Network with the leaders across funding, media, games, animation, music, mobile and film
  • Position your business for investment

Speakers include: Nick Parker, Leading Games Analyst; David Bailey, Seven Arts Pictures; Nicki Hattingh, Creative Arts Investment Network; AndyTait, Pembridge Partners LLC; Sean Seton-Rogers, PROfounders Capital (Michael Birch of Bebo and Brent Hoberman fund); Nenad Marovac, DN Capital; Mauro Pretolani, TLcom Capital LLP; Natalie Tydeman, GMT Partners; Nic Brisbourne, DFJ Esprit; Tony Pearce, CEO, Player X; Paul Comben, AT New Media. More to announce.

Following on from the highly successful 1st Funding & Investment Summit of December 2008, this Summit extends the discussion to the wider B2C digital markets by addressing the revolutionary changes - demographic and recessionary drivers - affecting the whole B2C business and distribution model.

  • Find out where and how consumers are most likely to spend their cash
  • Meet leading VCs and Angel funders
  • Network with your leading industry colleagues
  • Understand the impact of the recession and changing demographics on consumer spending patterns
  • It is generally accepted that the outcome of this recession will impact business models across the board. In many markets, the changes will be permanent.
  • With major changes in business and distribution models still underway, which will prevail?
  • What funding is available and who do you access it?
  • What are the key considerations that you need to take on board in your business plan to attract funding, given this upheaval?
  • How will you inspire investors to fund your first or next round of funding?
  • Where are the most lucrative opportunities in the B2C market right now?
  • Games, video, audio, social networks, information systems - which has the best potential return on investment over the next 12 months?
  • What factors are impacting revenues and value?
  • What is the future of the 'free-to-play', 'free-to-access' model?
  • What role will advertising play as the recession deepens?
  • Will micro-transactions over-take the advertising-supported revenue model? If so, where?
  • Is user-generated content a curse to bottom-line revenues or a panacea to attracting communities through which you can monetise content?
  • What models already exist for supporting browser-agnostic access cross-platform? How can this be monetised centrally?



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