Web 2.0 Summit 2009

Event Info

Tue 20 - Thu 22 Oct, 2009 from 8:00am - 5:00pm
Westin Market Street
San Francisco, US (Map)
Cost: see website


Last year's Web 2.0 Summit marked a pivot point for the five-year old conference. The conversation is no longer just about the Web. Now is the time to put the power of the Web to work—its technologies, its business models, and perhaps most importantly, its philosophies of openness, collective intelligence, and transparency.

The theme for 2009: Web Squared

Nothing is going to get better if the world collectively hides under its desk. It's time for the Web to step up and step into its role as a platform for positive change.Last year's conference was  focused on where the Web met the world. This year, the Web is the world.

Entire industries are in the process of painful rebirth—finance and energy, to be sure, but also information technology, media and communications, healthcare, retail—nearly every major sector, in every major region of the world. And while these changes have been ongoing for more than a decade, the global financial crisis has accelerated and clarified this shift. It's the end of one era, and the beginning of another. At the center of both the destruction and creation is the World Wide Web.

Only the Web 2.0 Summit brings the intelligence, innovation, and leadership of the Internet industry together in one place at one time. Through incisive plenary sessions, cut-through-the-hype onstage conversations, rapid-fire "high order bits" and "show me" presentations, visionaries and executives across key industries will present their unique perspective on the Web's future-in-flux and how the tools and principles of Web 2.0 are impacting their businesses. You'll learn what business models are working, what's next on the horizon, and how all of this will affect your own business.



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