Search Engine Optimisation

Event Info

Mon 2 Nov, 2009 from 9:30am - 4:30pm
Faraday Wharf
Birmingham, B7 4BB, UK (Map)
Cost: from £250 to £395


A step-by-step workshop that will improve your Web site’s search engine positioning and increase traffic. This workshop on Search Engine Optimisation will form the basis for planning an online campaign for a Web-based business or service. It will take you through the process of site design and content optimisation, search engine submission, and directory registration.

Table of contents
1. Getting Started
2. Ethical and Unethical SEO techniques (Black Hat/White Hat SEO)
3. The Search Magician's Three Linking Rings
4. The First Linking Ring: Know Your Searchers (Customers)
5. The Second Linking Ring: Know the Search Engines & Directories
6. SEO Tools: Browser Bars
7. SEO Tools: Keyword Research/Project Management
8. SEO Tools: Links, KDA, and Rank Checkers
9. SEO Tools: Code Checkers, & Web Site Analytics
10. Keywords: The Golden Key to Outstanding SEO
11. The Third Linking Ring: Creating Search Friendly Web Sites
12. Before We Begin: Site Setup the Wrong Way
13. SEO Hands-On: Site Setup in a Search Friendly Way
14. Optimised Web Pages: Submitting and Monitoring Page Rank
15. Link Building: The Company You Keep
16. Tools, Tips and Resources



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