Texas Tuttle

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Sun 14 Mar, 2010 from 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Austin Convention Center
500 East Cesar Chavez Street
Austin, 78701-4121, US (Map)
Cost: Free (SXSW Interactive Pass Required)


Tuttle Club comes to Texas!

This event is part of the Digital Mission to SXSWi 2010.

The renowned weekly get-together is coming to Texas for the second annual Texas Tuttle. Every Friday morning, a group of people come together to talk and work around social media at London's Centre for Creative Collaboration. This year a small band of Tuttlers is taking the long way round to get to Austin, stopping off in five other US cities on the way for conversations about the effect of the web on national cultures.  As there are allied and similar groups all over the UK and with so many of the Tuttle group in Austin, a gathering with like-minded souls from the UK and the US is planned with tea, coffee, pastries and fresh fruit to help the discussion along.

Twinings of LondonA big thank you to Twinings for providing a selection of teas - Throughout history Twinings has been at the forefront of of sophisticated socialising. In London Afternoon Tea is the hot new invitation, and everybody is doing it; so we're really pleased to be involved in bringing a slice of British tradition to South by South West 2010.

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