Show and Tell Bowling Event at The Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes

Event Info

Tue 7 Sep, 2010 at 4:40pm
Basement of Tavistock Hotel London
Cost: Free for Members


the show and tell social club


Bowling and drinks at the vintage 50s themed bowling lanes in Bloomsbury


Wednesday 6th October from 7pm onwards. Bowling games start at 8.30pm

how can i attend this event?

This is a members event- membership to the Show and Tell Social Club costs £5.50 per month (you can join for any length of time from one month upwards)

Click here to join or go to the 'Club' page on the Show and Tell website to find out more about the Show and Tell Social Club

about the show and tell social club

At the Show and Tell Social Club you can get to know people in the industry by seeing them more regularly in environments where the focus is having fun, not seeing how many business cards you can collect in an evening. So often we go to networking events but don’t really get to know people there, you find out what they do, take a card, but is that enough?

The Show and Tell Social Club is about quality not quantity. With small events which are about spending more time with fewer people you can build strong and lasting connections. Get to know people you can pick up the phone to and ask advice, people who can introduce you to contacts who could make a big difference to your career. Perhaps you won’t talk about work much at all, that’s the idea. It’s those times when you are just having a laugh with someone you’ve met that you realise that you have made a connection which will last for your whole career, not just for an evening.


Show and Tell are offering memberships to the Show and Tell Social Club for an introductory fee of £5.50 per month which you can cancel at any time. If you sign up now for £5.50 per month, you can keep paying the lower introductory fee for as long as you want (until you cancel your subscription)


Email / + 44 (0)7886 186718